Shubumkins are Known as poor mans Koi, They are very similar to the Common Goldfish and the comet goldfish. They were first spawned back in the early 1900s from a mutation in a telescope Goldfish. Shubunkins are classed as Calico Goldfish, they have a mix of metallic and transparent scales that are very pearly in apperance. Blue is the colour that is the most prized in Shubunkins. The best blue coloured Shubunkins are bred from Breeding two blue coloured Fish together this normally produces a good verity of colours and will bring up some especially good blue shubunkins. Shubunkins reach 9-16" at adulthood making them a good sized fish compared to most. Shubunkins reach adult hood age in 2-3 years. When breeding fish such as Shubunkins, a slightly differnet spawning method is used. This Fish breeding Method is differnt to the koi breeding and spawning because Koi are much bigger Fish, This makes Shubunkins slighly harder to breed but the demand for these colourful Gold Fish is amazing, We normally sell out completly with in 4 months of a breed making it hard to get fish to a large size due to not have any in stock to grow on. For More information on excatly how to breed the Shubunkin please read the Fish Breeding & Farming Book Here.

The Calculation for breeding Shubunkins
Four female fish normally produce about 100000 Eggs. By the time they are ready for sale you will have approximatly 80000 Fry which will have cost you 2p per fish they then sell easily at 20p -30p per fish in batches of 300 to the aquatic market. The other way is to sell the baby fish is direct to Wholesale Fish Suppliers these Fish Suppliers normally buy fish by the tank (20000) they do pay slightly less about 15p per fish but you will sell the fish straight away with ease.